It can not really be lived or even protected "in an underground bunker to end up being able to which we

flee throughout difficult moments."


pope thanked your young adults pertaining to braving Rome's August heat, whilst they did

find some relief before the pope arrived. Peter's

Square around three hours earlier when the sun was still being with its strongest. "It is he

who, within your baptism, provides produced an individual into a fresh creation; he's often patiently

waiting to your response for you to his initiative, providing forgiveness for you to whoever

asks him throughout humility."


word, the particular pope said, "does not necessarily shake your doorposts, but rather caresses the

strings of the heart."


CITY (CNS) -- Catholics will end up being more fortunate compared to Outdated Testament prophets were

because in the Eucharist that they encounter Jesus' closeness along with understand that God is

not far off on a lofty throne, Pope Francis informed a large amount of altar servers

from across Europe.


at the altar, the pope informed the young people, can always be a privileged method to draw

closer for you to Jesus, which usually subsequently "enables you for you to definitely open up yourselves in order to others, to

journey together, for you to set demanding goals also to discover the power to achieve



theme of the gathering has been "Here I am! Send me" in the prophet Isaiah.


are much more fortunate these days compared to prophet Isaiah," Pope Francis advised the

youths. 4 with the few 9,000 altar servers. Within your Eucharist, Jesus is not "placed by making use of an inaccessibly higher throne,

but inside the bread as well as wine."


Francis ended his three-week summer vacation at the evening meeting as well as prayer



was purified and also forgiven by God and sent to always be able to carry God's word to become able to others, the

pope said. These People began gathering throughout St. "Isaiah realized that, by entrusting himself to the hands involving the

Lord, his complete existence could be transformed."

"In the

Eucharist along with inside the other sacraments," the pope said, "you expertise the

intimate closeness associated with Jesus, the sweetness as well as energy of his presence."


call, the particular pope said, is a contact to go out and also reveal God's mercy and the joy of

faith. To

deal with almost all the higher summer temperatures within the square, your young adults stood

under showers associated with cooling drinking water provided from the hoses of the Vatican fire


"The closer

you tend to be to the altar," he informed them, "the a lot more you'll bear within mind to talk with

Jesus throughout day-to-day prayer; the more you will be nourished through the word and furthermore the body

of the particular Lord, the much better in a position a person will possibly be for you to go out to others, bringing them the

gift that you've received, giving subsequently along with enthusiasm the benefits an individual have



Isaiah, Christians notice that "it is definitely God whom requires your lead, because

it will be he which produced you and also willed a person into being," your pope said. Your largest sets of younger men as well as women

came coming from Austria, Germany along with Italy.

City 'Skate Legend' Remembered at Disco-Music-Filled Memorial - DNAinfo

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"We were built along with a fantastic marriage."

The "Skate Guru" achieved his wife, Robbin, whilst roller bouncing at Central Park, and furthermore the 2 got married upon skates. Numerous attendees credited him along with introducing them to their own very first set of skates.

Red and also purple balloons floated within the basement as disco tunes played, a nod towards the decades associated with audio the actual roller-dance teacher skated through.

Ziering, a specialist dancer whom took his talents upon wheels, founded the actual Central Park Dance Skaters Association and Brooklyn's Crazy Legs Skate Club. He had been often concerning fun, and dancing, along with skating, just love along with creativity along with positivity."

"No make a new difference how many falls he had, he'd always be right back again on his skates," Davis said. He loved everybody. He taught indoor along with outdoor rollerskating, roller dance, in addition to ballet, jazz, tap, African, along with Latin dance classes.

"He was only a lovely man, he just loved life. people affectionately known as him "The Bionic Man," "Destiny" as well as "Fred Astaire about Roller Skates," to name a new few, nevertheless he had been nearly all well-known as "The Skate Guru."

When your famed Roxy closed in 2007 and the quantity of places where 1 could lace up began to dwindle, Ziering opened Crazy Legs Skate Club within Bedford-Stuyvesant.

"There was zero much better skater as well as dancer about compared to Lezly, and he gave his heart as well as soul towards the skate world."

Friends, family, along with members in the city's roller-skating neighborhood gathered Wednesday in order to remember Ziering, that died about July 16 with 82 a extended time old.

"It didn't make a new difference what race an individual were, if you loved in order to skate about quads -- which can always be a spiritual expression associated with who we are-- Lezly helped you do it," said longtime friend Bob 'DJ big Bob' Clayton, which spun tunes regarding Ziering.. "Lezly truly stood regarding unconditional love. Attendees in his memorial on Wednesday dressed in purple inside his memory.

"This is exactly what Lezly wanted," former student and performer Lynna Davis said with the celebration.

He established "The Lezly Dance & Skate School" inside the 1970s along with took the actual time for you personally to learn names of every involving his students, in accordance with friends. He was known throughout the city's skating rinks as well as nightclubs regarding his moves and also expertise.

Ziering has been recognized for rolling about eight wheels throughout your five boroughs, which includes spots such as Dreamland Arena, Sweet Ruby's, and also Metropolis.

"Even your rabbi ended up being on skates," Robbin Ziering said.

The roller dance legend passed away within his Manhattan home and was cremated shortly next his July 16 death.

"Skate Guru" Lezly Ziering's favorite color had been purple, family as well as friends said. He was obviously a leader with the movement."

 Recognized as

known as "The Skate Guru," Lezly Ziering founded the Central Park Dance Skaters Association and Crazy Legs Skate Club, and also taught thousands of students the capacity of roller dance. View Complete Caption

Facebook/Central Park Dance Skaters Association

Manhattan's Hebrew Union college was a sea involving purple as mourners flooded within from the dozens, dressed in Ziering's favorite color.

His well being declined right after being sidelined with a skating accident throughout 2012 and through his career, he had undergone knee replacements, the hip replacement, and spinal surgery, friends said.

While tears flowed at Wednesday's memorial, tributes served as a celebration of Ziering's life, together with jokes, songs, along with dancing. Photo credit: DNAinfo/Camille Bautista

NEW YORK CITY-- Lezly Ziering would always be a man of many names. "It ended up being like absolutely nothing could stop him. He had been going to skate until the final time his wheels would roll."

roller skates

He additional acting, directing, writing, and hang designing to his repertoire over the particular years, as well as the eccentic globetrotter has been also known to communicate backwards upon occasion, friends added.

Family and pals stated they failed to know the exact cause of death, however according to Robbin Ziering, he suffered through pneumonia.

"That endurance he had-- it was the truly incredible time," said pal Suzanne Maxx

Navy changing body-fat rules, fitness assessment - USA TODAY

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That's part of a push that includes beefing up the particular ShipShape healthy consuming plan and the Navy secretary's new "Go for Green" initiative, that makes use of color codes to show sailors your healthiest choices.

o Older compared to 40: 26% with regard to men; 36% regarding women.

The move potentiallywill conserve a significant quantity of sailors' careers. Navy)

To keep sailors on a fitness path throughout among fitness assessments, Moran will be encouraging commands to randomly quit sailors with regard to body excess fat spot-checks throughout your year. in a new Might speech in the Naval Academy, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus likened it to a twice-a-year crucible, exactly where sailors go to extreme measures to get within standards.

Starting this fall, a failure in the present entire body excess fat standards no more equals an actual physical fitness assessment failure. Officials hope the particular move will cut back again around the variety of sailors discharged every year for fitness assessment failures.

Moran mentioned he's heard the particular sailors' cries pertaining to reform and stated these changes aren't the actual end, nevertheless the starting of your "more realistic" fitness plan that's greater than a pair of tests per year.

He wants a new system that instead would actively gauge fitness as well as well-being year-round, he said. "It takes into consideration your physical changes which occur once we almost all age, as well -- thus for the primary reason that way, it's a bit more reasonable pair of standards."

"We're planning to offer you your tools, nutrition guidance, exercise guidance as well as we're going to possess you are taking your PRT each thirty days until you are usually able to pass," he said.

o 22- to be able to 29-year-old: 23% pertaining to men; 34% with regard to women.

Read or Reveal this story:

"What we've tried to do within this policy alter -- using the tenets involving better health and being mission ready because the emphasis -- would become to also help make positive we're not throwing out great sailors because we can't meet each ends of the spectrum," Moran said.

Nearly 1,300 sailors have been discharged since associated with failures in the 2014 cycles although those numbers aren't final. "Fitness ought to really become about being healthy and also mission readiness -- are you currently actually suit regarding times in the program of the combat as well as tension inside the fleet? We require a system in which speaks to raised health, towards the readiness of our own sailors. Pass that and you're good. A Lot More compared to 6,700 active-duty along with reserve sailors possess 3 PFA failures inside the past 4 years, according to official data, and an further 20,000 didn't work twice throughout 4 years.

The shifts tend to be a brand new direction within the fitness program designed to move far from a new punitive system to a minimum of one in which encourages year-round fitness, having a focus on helping these struggling to remain fit.

Rewards regarding outstanding scores on the fitness assessment tend to be twofold: Leading scorers for just one cycle are usually authorized in order to put on the badge in his or her fitness suit, when it will come out next year. Nevertheless initially, they will not fall short altogether.

Beginning Jan. Truman perform sit-ups as section of his or her Might 14, 2015, physical fitness assessment.(Photo: U.S. Sailors along with three outstanding scores in the row will earn a uniform award even however it hasn't been established whether it is likely to be a new bow or even a medal.

But your Navy can be adding but an additional opportunity pertaining to sailors in order to pass.. for these over your defense Department's maximum regarding 26% for guys and 36% pertaining to women, it's actually a failure.

The second step is raising the threshold to find a body-composition assessment failure.

Starting in January, sailors that don't fulfill the normal height along with weight measurements initial will get a waist-only tape test, that maxes out from 39 inches for men and also 35.5 inches regarding women. It's the current test employed by the Air Force as its body-composition measurement.

And failing will property a new sailor within the Fitness Enhancement Program. and part of this is, am i carrying out items to encourage a culture regarding fitness?"

o 18- in order to 21-year-old: 22% pertaining to men, as before; 33% for women.

The Navy in addition promises to develop any Navy-wide registered dietitian plan. Bill Moran, chief regarding naval personnel. 1, entire body excess fat boundaries will go beyond the previous under-40 and also over-40 grow older standardswith 4 new groups:

That's excellent news pertaining to sailors whom say these people haven't any trouble with running, sit-ups along with push-ups nevertheless consistently fail height and also excess weight standards.

The Navy's fitness assessment has been the actual bane of many a sailor with regard to years. Yet in which will come in a price of getting a couple of failures throughout 3 many years before being kicked out.

The Navy started realizing no one dimension fits almost all exists in fitness and the complete body composition.

o 30- in order to 39-year-old: 24% pertaining to men; 35% regarding women.

"It's a little more stringent compared to the DoD standard nevertheless the extra graduated through grow older than the current BCA standard," Moran stated associated with Protection Department boundaries across almost all branches associated with service. In Which ended up being up through 1,200 within 2013 along with a lot much more than 1,100 inside 2012, when the numbers jumped significantly coming from about 700 inside 2011.

"DoD features proven any maximum restrict pertaining to physique fat percentage based on the American Healthcare Association along with other institutions who sayif an individual exceed that will limityou get reached an weight problems degree that raises your probability with regard to things like cancer as well as diabetes as well as other healthcare issues," he said.

The Navy is shaking up its physique composition assessment, increasing physique body fat restrictions with regard to sailors, moving from career-ending punishments regarding failures and going pertaining to a deeper take a glance at the approach it measures well being throughout general.

"We such as to talk of the culture involving fitness, nevertheless we truly haven't implemented a new culture involving fitness over the Navy," mentioned Vice Adm. but it's certainly not likely to occur immediately.

"Fitness must genuinely become regarding becoming wholesome and mission readiness -- are you currently actually fit pertaining to times in the program of the combat as well as strain within the fleet? We require a system that speaks to higher health."

Vice Adm. Sailors that bust the body fat test will must enroll throughout remedial Fitness Enhancement Plan exercises and nutritional counseling.

"For me, that's the best side limit associated with where we'll allow sailors being -- in the event you exceed that will DoD limit, an individual are, by definition, obese, atrisk, and also which is a failure."

Regardless in the quantity of failures in the past 3 years, sailors meeting normal by the deadline will most likely be reset to one failure beginning next year when new body-composition standards consider effect.

Moran said the Pentagon boundaries are usually there for a purpose along with can't be lifted.

The Navy can be easing body body fat guidelines consequently it's harder to become able to fail your body composition portion of the physical fitness assessment as component of the larger overhaul of Navy fitness in which aims to make the twice-a-year assessments a significantly better measure involving health.(Photo: Mike Morones, Navy Times)

And even that will not really be punitive but instead will most likely be "educational," Moran said.

Sailors aboard the carrier Harry S. Navy

Early next year, the actual Navy begins any pilot plan inside yet-to-be-named Pacific Fleet and also Navy Reserve units utilizing wearable fitness trackers like Fitbit, Moran said.

Those having an approved or even pending administrative separation as of July 1 pertaining to three fitness assessment failures in the past four a long time can notify his or her commanding officers which they would like in order to remain inside the Navythen pass a physical readiness test prior to Dec. Individuals whom fall short inside physical readiness for any third occasion this fall, if it's their particular third failure within 4 years, stillwill be discharged.

The final opportunity is going to be the actual active and extremely unpopular rope-and-choke tape test which measures a sailor in the neck and waist, plus hips pertaining to women, then calculates the particular measurements to become able to an appearance excess fat percentage. Bill Moran, U.S. 1.

The new guidelines ensure it is harder to fail your body composition assessment portion with the physical fitness assessment